Truck Stop Recognised by RHA for Promoting Driver Health and Wellbeing

Jan 15, 2020 | Drivers' Health, News

Road Haulage Association Commends Chippenham Pits Stop’s Monthly Health Campaigns

We were delighted when the RHA (Road Haulage Association) showed an interest in our monthly health campaigns, that were devised to draw attention to diseases most likely to affect drivers who spend long hours behind the wheel.

Now the RHA is praising and drawing attention to the Pit Stop’s pioneering work to improve driver health in a video currently being shown on the association’s You Tube information channel.

Regional Manager Rhys Williams said what made the Chippenham Pit Stop stand out from all the other truck stops was its focus on promoting a healthier life style for truckers.

“A healthy driver is a safe driver at the end of the day and we need safe drivers for everyone’s benefit,” he says.

Many thanks to Rhys his support and for making this happen.


Truck Stop on M4 with Healthy Matters at Heart

Driver health is a key concern to the Chippenham Pit Stop team after recent research highlighted drivers as being at high risk of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and other life threatening illness.

For the past few years, Chippenham Pit Stop have been running a monthly health campaign. Local Wiltshire Health Trainers staff spend a morning in the lounge area offering free blood pressure checks and a chance to discuss any health concerns.

The restaurant has also created a selection of delicious lower calorie, healthy meals to encourage drivers to opt for dishes with less saturated fat, more fibre and more vegetables.


Next Blood Pressure Checks at Chippenham Pit Stop by Wiltshire Trainers to be Announced Soon


Drivers having blood pressure checks at Chippenham Pit Stop regular health check mornings

The Wiltshire Health Trainers regularly offer Truckers free blood pressure tests at Chippenham Pit Stop