Chippenham Kids Celebrate Pancake Day

Feb 27, 2020 | News

Fun had by All for Pancake Day at Chippenham Pit Stop

Pupils of Chippenham’s St Nicholas School celebrated pancake day at the Chippenham Pit Stop for truckers and Draycot Stores.
While General Manager Lee Fenn set up a production line in the Goods Yard amenity facility, the youngsters prepared the pancake mixture for cooking and later added the toppings.


Educating Local Kids in the Art of Pancakes and their Ingredients

And as part of the experience, accompanying teachers talked about the ingredients and how the flour was produced from wheat.
Director Hannah Hatherell lent a hand with the cooking while Pit Stop Health Campaigns Coordinator Lisa Hatherell tried her hand at the all- important pancake flipping.

Managing Director David Hatherell said it was a real team effort and everyone had thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Ned from St Nicholas School celebrates pancake day at Chippenham Pitstop

Pupil Ned Stackman on the pancake production line.