Improving Back Health for Long Distance Lorry Drivers

Mar 3, 2020 | Drivers' Health

Assisting Drivers to Ease Back Pain Associated with Driving

This month our Health Campaign is aimed at helping long distance drivers improve their back health.

Pit Stop Health Campaigns Coordinator, Lisa Hatherell, said spending long hours behind the wheel under the constant stress of vibrations, often combined with some heavy lifting, loaded extra pressure on a driver’s back.


Advice for How to Cope with a Bad Back from Long Hours of Driving

But there were a number of actions that could be taken to alleviate the problem including improving the seating position with extra support, and slightly adjusting the position every twenty minutes to keep blood flowing.

It was also helpful to hold the steering wheel at the nine and three o’clock positions to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders, she said.


Promoting Health and Wellbeing for Truck Drivers

Chippenham Pit Stop is renowned for promoting health and wellbeing for their customers. Their core visitors are lorry drivers from all of the UK and Europe who, due to the nature of their work, can be at risk of many preventable health conditions.

Every month Wiltshire Health Workers spend a morning at Chippenham Pit Stop offering free blood pressure tests and a general talk through other simple health tests to remind driver’s to put their wellbeing at the forefront of their minds.


Providing Healthy Meals and Snacks at the Pit Stop Restaurant

New healthy eating options in the restaurant and shop at Chippenham Pit Stop have been welcomed and proven to be a success amongst truckers and other visitors.  Many lorry drivers are looking to minimize weight gain and other side effects such as high blood pressure due to the sedentary role of life behind the wheel.


Healthy fruit and snacks at Draycot Stores, Chippenham Pit Stop

Healthy snacks available at Chippenham Pit Stop’s Draycot Stores