Chippenham Pit Stop to Monitor Truckers’ Temperatures!

The award- winning Chippenham Pit Stop is again going the extra mile to help keep the nation’s essential army of truckers safe in these Covid troubled times.

The truck stop, just off junction 17 of the M4 in Wilshire, has continued operating throughout the crisis providing overnight cab accommodation, now in shorter supply, showers, hot takeaway meals and the opportunity to visit a well- stocked shop.

But now the Pit Stop is poised to install a Hikvision body temperature measurement camera linked to its CCTV system so that an alarm will sound if any trucker or other customer should enter with a tell-tale temperature.

Managing Director, David Hatherell, said with the lifting of restrictions and the reopening of the Pit Stop’s popular restaurant from July 4, it was crucial for the continued well- being of all its customers and staff, that this camera precaution was implemented.

“It might well be that a trucker, or other customer, may simply have become too hot, so we’ll invite him or her to take a seat outside and be given a chance to cool down with a glass of water before seeking readmittance,” he said.

“But if they are still shown to have a high temperature, then we’ll be suggesting they seek medical advice,” said Mr Hatherell.

“Britain’s army of truckers provide the country with a critically important service delivering most all essential and other supplies, so it’s important that we as a company do all in our power to help keep them safe,” he said.