Chippenham Pit Stop in Wiltshire signs up for the Breastfeeding Welcome Scheme

Sep 3, 2019 | News

From heart healthy breakfasts for truckers, to welcoming breast feeding mothers – Chippenham Pit Stop embraces motorists from all sections of the community.

It’s not that Chippenham Pit Stop on the M4, which serves around four hundred drivers a day from all over the UK and Europe, is expecting many female truckers to bring their babies to work.

But far more, that its popular restaurant where the emphasis is on healthy eating, and adjoining Draycott Stores selling many locally sourced products, is being used by a growing number of discerning M4 travellers not to mention villagers from surrounding communities.


Breastfeeding Welcome SCheme at Chippenham Pit Stop

A M4 Truck Stop and Restaurant Open to Everyone

Chippenham Pit Stop MD David Hatherell, said that they now serve nearly as many day time meals to people who have never sat in a truck as they do to their traditional clientele. “Through really focussing on great quality ingredients, great cooking and affordability to look after our truckers, more and more regular car drivers and locals are taking advantage”. Although breastfeeding in public was protected by law, the aim of the scheme was to encourage a greater acceptance of the right in both commercial and community surroundings.

The Wiltshire Health Trainers’ team do a lot of good work with us on helping keep our customers healthy so when they invited us to join the scheme we were delighted to get involved.” he said.


Drivers having blood pressure checks at Chippenham Pit Stop regular health check mornings

The Wiltshire Health Trainers regularly offer Truckers free blood pressure tests at Chippenham Pit Stop


Family Friendly M4 Truckstop Open for Everyone to Enjoy

The Pit Stop is a family friendly truckstop. Unlike similar businesses, everyone is welcome to enjoy their facilities. Joining the Breastfeeding  Welcome Scheme is another step towards this family run business opening their doors to all. The service station has become an important part of the local community with families and drivers alike all enjoying the excellent home cooked locally sourced food. The restaurant has been commended for their range of healthy options and is incredibly popular with drivers from across the UK and Europe.